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WIHA Finals underway!!!! Check the BLOG!!! REVISION SKILLS COMPETITION!!!

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

West Covina Schedule posted.....




The West Covina schedule has been posted! Again, many thanks to those of you that sent your registration in early. It helps streamline the entire process which makes it beneficial to everyone! 

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Blocks posted....
The blocks have been posted for the remainder of the year. Check under tournament dates for the remaining blocks!
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Monday, February 21, 2011

HB results in & photos up

Another great event with 5 more WIHA champs crowned this weekend. Check all the scores here.

We have an added feature!!! Click here for the results for 1st place, 2nd place, top scorer and top goalie.

In addition to this, the photos have been posted as well. You can also visit us on facebook and send us a friend request. We have over 1,000 friends and counting!

Thank all of you for coming out and look forward to seeing you in West Covina March 5th and 6th. 

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

We are underway in HB!!!
We are underway in HB with the Squirts and Atoms. Check the updated scores.
The smell of rubber (from our sponsor, Eschelon, is in the air) All top goalies and top scorers get free wheels courtesy of Eschelon. Check out their new products here
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Please check the schedule as there were games added on Sunday. We also tried to get the Mites and Pee Wees split up to get you folks in and out as quick as possible. 
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Monday, February 14, 2011

HB Inline Schedule posted
Here is this weekend's schedule at HB Inline. Have fun in Surf City!!! We would also like to wish good luck to the entire Ducks program as they all travel to Antioch to play in the AAU President's day event. Our next event is March 5th & 6th in West Covina. We have already received a bunch of registrations for this event so please get your registrations in! 
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Saturday, February 5, 2011


What an exciting day here in Corona! Atoms, Mites, Squirts (2 divisions because of so many teams) and Bantams would all be crowned today. 

Here is a rundown of today's champs...


1st place-Reebok Jr Ducks

2nd place-Puckhogs


1st place-West Covina High Rollers

2nd place-Reebok Jr Ducks Orange

Squirt A1-

1st place-Tour Raw Steel

2nd place-West Covina High Rollers

Squirt A2-

1st place-Reebok Jr Ducks Orange

2nd place-Puckhogs 


1st place-West Covina High Rollers

2nd place-Tour Raw Steel 96 Black

See all the results here...See you guys in 2 weeks in HB!!! 

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Off and running in Corona!!!
Our first Friday & Saturday tournament started off well. The new medals & tablecloths look good. Of course thanks to Eschelon for providing wheels to our top goalies and top snipers!
We crowned two champs last night. The West Covina High Rollers held off a surge by the Reebok Jr Ducks in the Pee Wee division to take home the top award 6-4. The Midget division was dominated by Rink Rat and the Reebok Jr Ducks Orange teams in round robin play. The Ducks held on to win in the round robin 4-3. It is very difficult to beat a team twice but the Ducks did it last night winning 3-2 in the final.
We have the Atom, Mite, Squirt and Bantam divisions today. CLICK HERE FOR UP TO GAME RESULTS. Check new player pictures on Jason Lee from Thousand Oaks Bruins and Brandon Yamaski from the Tour Raw Steel. We will provide more updates later on today! 
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011



The contract has finally been signed off and the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino will be the choice hotel for the Air Canada Hockey Tournament in Las Vegas in April. Please click here to book your room! See you in Vegas!!!


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Great action from this past weekend!!! Get all the results here

Send us some goofy facts and a good pic and we will put it up!


Josh Morrison n Cameron Rorick of Stingrays PW AA. Both been playing since 4. Both like everything to eat! Fav color for Josh is purple and Cam is Stingray blue (they are different....kinda)........ Cam enjoys ice hockey as well..... So does Josh.... and girls


Here is Dylan Hadfield from the Blades 2000. The Anaheim Ducks are his favorite NHL Team and Scott Niedermeyer is his favorite player. He loves steak and loves to battle for survival in The Lightning Thief. His favorite hockey moment was winning AAU Junior Olympics when he was 6!


Here is Justin Pichedwatana from the Tour Raw Steel. His fav squad is the LA Kings while his fav player is Tim Thomas from the Bruins. He must be confused because he wants Vancouver to win the cup! He loves Pizza and his favorite movie is Taken-(Mine too!) His fondest hockey memory was winning AAU JOs!


Here is #20 Marcus who plays for the 949 Anarchy Atoms. He is in the 2nd grade, is 8 years old and his favorite food is steak! He doesn't like to dance and doesn't like music. Only plays hockey for fun!    


Here is Paul Selleck from Squirt Green and Connor Smith Squirt Purple. *During the interview Conner found a bluetooth device and turned it in to proper authorities* Both boys' enjoy a 'guys' night, they like to watch their favorite movie (Miracle) and share a piece of pizza which coincidentally is their favorite food. Both boys have one sister.....ya I know, are they twins? 


#99 from Yuma Blaze Pee Wee Jack Allen. He has been playing hockey 9 years. Favorite food is Mexican. "It's a yuma thing" Jack is 14 years old......fav movie Hot Rod.....fav hockey team Tampa Bay Lightning....spends his day beating Zack and Joey at everything.

Here is Shane McMahon from Revision Vanquish. He loves the Detroit Red Wings (Datsyuk is his fav player) and wants the Canucks to win the cup! His fav food is In N Out and fav movie is The Hangover. He was drafted in the WHL this past season and will be playing for Tri Cities! Go Shane!


Georgie Barber from AKS....he has aged out of youth hockey but creeps around with his new stache trying to blend in with the 16 year olds. His favorite foods are jalapeno poppers and bagel bites. His favorite thing to do is make you tube videos of himself dancing when he's not playing hockey.


Hello to Daniella Dror from Team Rink Rat. Her fav team is the Penguins and wants Boston to win the cup. Malkin is her fav player and still remembers her first Ice hockey goal. Steven Campbell is her fav Inline player! Favorite movie is The Hangover


WIHA enthusiasts....here is the official Nor Cal "godfather" of hockey. His name? Troy Sanchez. He hails from San Jose and plays for the Revision Mustangs. I tried to get some more info on him but he would not return any of our calls. Thanks Troy.


Jason Lee #11 from the Thousand Oaks Bruins. Favorite food is pepperoni pizza. For fun he likes hockey and playing COD on his PS3. Math is fav sub and is the youngest of 4.


Here is David Rosen from Team Redline. He is 13 years old and has been playing organized hockey for the past 6 years. He lives in Scotts Valley (Beautiful Northern California) and attends the 7th grade.  


Pictured is Reebok HB's Tyler Kurth! Tyler (sporting his shiny gold medal) is 8 years old and plays for the Atom squad. He attends Smith Elementary and his favorite teacher is Mr Kolz. While not mastering Math in school he takes his frustrations out on NHL HITS!


Gabe....#7 plays for Labeda XDH Midget AA. His life long dream is to be a WIHA scorekeeper. Favorite food, is Pho (Vietnamese)  and loves gatorade .His favorite movie is Forrest Gump and song is Time of My Life from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack.



Matthew Augustine  is new to the Jr. Ducks organization this year and a proud member of the Mite Orange team. He was one of the hardest working players in tryouts and during the scrimmages he set up many players; an attribute new players to club typically wouldn't do. We are excited to see how far along Matthew will come this Jr Ducks season.


Atom player Tyler Lee from the West Covina High Rollers. He loves to root for Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals but wants the Bruins to win the cup. Pirates 4 is his favorite move and loves some Cheese pizza! Yum! Jerry Osterkemp is his favorite inline player and has memories of winning the in house championship at West Covina.



Hello to Chase Smith from the Aces. Chase plays for the Pee Wee Aces. He took a year off last year but is finally back in the mix this year and has led them to a 6-2-1 record in WIHA this year. He plans on being "Fat Jesus" for halloween. 



New to WIHA is John Seimer A.K.A. John John, Dangle and glorified PIMP! He is now employed by WIHA (his scorekeeping is top notch) He has a little sister (Amber). His favorite saying? "If your not first your last"


Here is Steven Rubio from Tour Outkast 96. He roots for the Coyotes and his favorite player is Martin Broduer from the Devils. His fondest hockey memory was winning 1st at the State Finals in Arizona. He would like to see a new team name in Winnipeg instead of the Jets. Me too!



There was an incident that happened in the beginning of the month that brought some important details to our attention.....Coaches not having their required AAU Coaching Cards

This is something that is in the AAU & WIHA rules.  This is mandatory and we will be strictly enforcing this and making sure that everyone has the proper credentials if they will be sitting on the bench. All coaches, assistant coaches or fill in coaches (parents) will need to have this.  If your team has a team photographer, they will have to provide a non player AAU card and will be allowed to take pictures from the penalty box.  This rule was put in place for your protection.  All coaches, assistants and photographers will have to provide a copy for WIHA to record. Coaches will not be permitted to coach without checking in with a Tournament Director and providing the necessary card. So if you choose to not take care of this at home, please get to the rink with plenty of time to purchase this at the tournament. We have already spoken with several coaches about this personally and sent out an email out with plenty of time for everyone to handle this.  Also only 3 "coaches" are allowed on the bench and all three should be listed on the roster as well.  








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Special thank you to Shayne Arsenault from Eschelon for ensuring our top scorers and top goalies will be skating on the best wheels around. Additional thanks to Nick Dowling (even if you hired George Collins!!!) from Faction Sports/Rink Rat to providing our winners with great hats and tees. Thanks dudes!

On a side note, I would also like to thank Nabeel from Revision for winning Mens platinum at Narch. Wait....he didn't do anything!




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