WIHA Official Playing Rules

USARS (AAU) Rulebook

The Following rules were changed to our playing rules in October. The verbiage in BOLD is what was specifically added to it. Any questions please feel free to email us!

11.06 Players must participate in at least one regular tournament game within the specific tournament to be eligible to compete with the team during playoffs or tournament championship games. Players must also compete in one tournament with the team in question to be able to participate with the team during Finals. Any player that has not played in a WIHA tournament this season CANNOT be added to a team for the Finals with the exception of the AAA division.

11.07 Players shall wear the following: a H.E.C.C. approved helmet with strap and full face shield for youth and goaltenders with an optional colored mouth guard connected to the shield, (B) elbow pads, (C) jersey, (D) gloves, (E) protective cup, (F) pants, (G) knee/shin pads, (H) hockey inline skates with no exposed bolts or brake pads must be taped (I) stick – butt end taped (no black tape), maximum ¾” curved blade and (J) shoulder pads highly recommended for youth. Juniors are required to wear at least a visor although a full cage is always recommended; under age players who choose to play up in the Junior division will still be required to wear a full cage. Adults require same equipment except no face shield required. We recommend a 76A wheel for sport court floors

12.05 Regardless of the number of teams an individual club field in a classification, a committee chaired and appointed by the WIHA Director of Operations will decide the level of play for these teams. Regardless of classification by error or mis-judgement of competition, the decision as to the level of play shall be final and not subject to appeal. All single A level teams will have to submit a roster when registering to confirm they are the appropriate level for single A

12.07 All teams are required to have matching jerseys as of February 1, 2015. Any team not having matching jerseys will receive a 2 minute penalty at the beginning of each game that they do not conform. Any team not not correcting this issue at the second tournament this occurs will not continue on to playoffs and/or championship games

17.01 Players may only move one time during the season/year (Decembeer 2014-June 2015). Rosters will be “free” for tournaments held in December and will not affect player movement. January (and beyond) all players will become the property of the team they have played with. Each player will be allowed one move (upon release of the original team) within the season. Once a player is released to another team he/she must then finish the season with that team. Any player moving to a different team after the first move will be deemed an ineligible player and those games will be forfeited.

19.09 All forfeit games will be recorded as a score of 8-0 in favor of the team not forfeiting.

20.01 Teams will submit completed registration form(s) by the deadline (The Saturday prior to the tournament in question by noon) along with payment and proposed roster. Registration can be done either by fax or online. Any teams registering in single A will have to send the proposed roster to WIHA staff to approve the level of play. Any team not submitting their roster but registering in Single A will be automatically moved up to AA level. At tournament time, no changes can be made to the previously submitted Single A roster without approval from WIHA. Email confirmations will be sent to validate/confirm whether the team will be registered.